Clint Lowe

CLINT LOWE’S stories are a wild mingle of the exotic, the heroic, and the romantic. All of it while exploring beautiful yet bizarre places of this grand earth.

His YouTube Channel discusses the craft of storytelling, has free audiobooks narrated by Clint, and explores fascinating spots of Australia and the world.

He lives by the beach in Melbourne, Australia. Although he has been spotted driving through the hills and narrow streets of Europe, sleeping in the lease car.

Extraordinary Experiences

Nothing too spectacular to mention here. Traveling through parts of Europe and Asia and the United States of America is high on the list. (Incredible friends were made.) Attending 2.1 AFL Grand Finals. Heading all the way to Barcelona and purchasing an expensive ticket to watch FC Barcelona at the Nou Camp, only to be turned away by security and miss the match. 


And most importantly anything involving loved ones and friends.


High on the list is exploring the world, and good, deep conversations – and stupid ones, too.

And these: