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Edubuntu is put together by many pieces of software that is written by many people working across many projects. We call these projects 'upstream' projects. Below, we include screen shots of some of the software included in Edubuntu, as well as links to the upstream websites. Upstream websites often contain additional screenshots, information and documentation.

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The Edubuntu Wiki contains a section with more exact information on which applications are installed, and in which application bundles they are available from.

Unity Shell

Upstream Website: https://launchpad.net/unity

Kansas Chiefs Men's Dee Ford Limited Edubuntu ships with Unity, the default user interface for Ubuntu that allows you to access your data on your computer and on the web faster than ever before.


Gnome Fallback Session

Upstream Website: http://www.gnome.org

The Gnome fallback mode provides a traditional desktop interface that's appropriate for thin clients and older computers.

KDE Education Project

Upstream Website: http://edu.kde.org

The KDE Education suite provides a collection of great open source educational software. In Edubuntu we ship the latest and greatest versions of these software.


Upstream Website: http://gcompris.net/

GCompris is an educational software suite comprising numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. It is part of the GNU project.



Upstream Website: http://www.shatters.net/celestia/

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Celestia is a space simulation tool that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.

Tux4kids Edutainment Suite

Upstream Website: http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org

Tux4Kids develops high-quality software for kids, with the goal of combining fun and learning into an irresistable package.



Upstream Website: hhttp://www.epoptes.org/

Epoptes (a Greek word for overseer) is an open source computer lab management and monitoring tool.



Upstream Website: http://ltsp.org

The Linux Terminal Server Project adds thin-client support to Linux servers. LTSP is a flexible, cost effective solution that is empowering schools, businesses, and organizations all over the world to easily install and deploy desktop workstations.

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Upstream Website: http://live.gnome.org/gbrainy

gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.

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Staying Connected

Firefox Upstream Website: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox
Thunderbird Upstream Website: http://projects.gnome.org/thunderbird
Gwibber Upstream Website: http://gwibber.com
Empathy Upstream Website: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy

Desktop Publishing

Dia Upstream Website: http://projects.gnome.org/dia
Inkscape Upstream Website: Embroidered Kasa - Broncos Jersey Immo
Gimp Upstream Website: http://www.gimp.org
Scribus Upstream Website: http://www.scribus.net

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Kansas Chiefs Men's Dee Ford Limited LibreOffice Office Suite

Upstream Website: http://www.libreoffice.org

LibreOffice provides a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a database front end and and more. It provides compatibility with many other office suites, including Microsoft Office.


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